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Richard Uhrenholdt | Founder | Midplains Ag

Richard Uhrenholdt

Founder | President

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Our vision, in founding Midplains Ag, was born from recognizing a critical need within the farming community and a passion for empowering farmers to make cost effective decisions to reduce input costs while improving yields and protecting profitability. As a farm owner / operator, myself, this vision is very 'near and dear' to both myself and my family. Taking into account the synergies between this vision and environmentally sustainable farming, we endeavored to start an agronomy service company that utilizes data collection and technology to help farmers manage their operations more profitably and efficiently while minimizing environmental impacts. In contrast to many similar companies, who tie precision ag and risk management services with a commitment to purchase their other products, we wanted to have a clear separation between the services we offer and selling agronomy inputs. Our vision is to return the freedom of choice, and decision, back to the farmer. This gives our customers the freedom of choice regarding inputs based on price and service — not on who controls their data. We strive to work with products and services based on sound scientific principles and solid ethics - putting our clientele and farm community first.

In contrast to many similar companies, we wanted to have a clear separation between control of data and selling agronomy inputs.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, with a Bachelors Degree of Soil Sciences, I continued as a farm owner-operator in Northeast Nebraska through today. Through years of experience in irrigated and dryland farming on various soil types, environmental and weather conditions, serving on the Upper Elkhorn NRD, Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Corn Growers Association and the Nebraska Water Policy Taskforce, I recognized a shared need and passion to be of service to those in my own community. From this shared vision, MidPlains Ag was born.


  • Bachelor of Agronomy in Soil Sciences | University of Nebraska-Lincoln


  • Licensed Nebraska Crop Insurance Agent


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Precision ag is a tool to optimize both production and environmental sustainability.

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We provide a variety of options for data collection and analysis, including E4 Crop Intelligence and AgSense.

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