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Ryan Hemenway


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My goal is to make the new era of technological farming simple and easy for busy farmers in our industry. There are a lot of tools out there to retrieve information about the health of your fields. Through the use of multi-layer imagery, and yield maps I can determine areas with in field that require either more or less of a product. This way you save money by not over applying, and you limit the risk of not applying enough where it needs it the most.

I want to see that the next generation has the opportunity to enjoy this way of life.

Growing up with ethanol in my veins on a ranching farm, I’m well aware of the challenges, struggles, and joys that this way of life has to offer. After graduating from UNL I worked in the field with a grower north of Fremont for 3 years. Around that time I was approached with the opportunity came to move close to home and focus more on the technology in Ag. My daughter loves to be outside and especially likes feeding the livestock. I want to see that the next generation has the opportunity to enjoy this way of life.


  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanized Systems Management| University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Minors in Diversified Ag & Energy


  • SMS Certified Training
  • Years of working with the GS2 and GS3 monitors from John Deere


  • SMS Advanced Certified
  • Precession Planting – Premier Tech Certification


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