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Midplains Ag is a full-service precision ag consultation group, headquartered in the rolling hills near Elgin, NE. We opened our doors in April of 2013 to begin helping farm owners and operators in our region collect and analyze georeferenced data and implement decisions based on that analysis. We work with a wide range of data sets including those from imagery, soils data, and yield data. We also offer products and services that we have carefully selected to assist in that data collection and analysis.

Why we do it

In the 60’s farm life and farm management were much simpler. Corn was almost 10 dollars (in 2015 dollars) a bushel, input costs were cheaper and living costs were much lower. In the 1960's you could recover from mistakes. However, farming was much tougher on the body and on the land. Cab-less tractors destroyed ear drums. Tilling from April to July controlled weeds, but destroyed the top soil and caused severe erosion. 

The technology of the past half-century has changed all of that.

Technologies such as fertilizer, herbicides, hybrids, and ever-advancing machinery introduced over the course of the 20th century have dramatically altered agriculture in both positive and negative ways. A larger population is being feed. Erosion has been dramatically reduced. However, this constant evolution also brings new challenges and broader understandings of our own impact on the very ground we work. How do we face these challenges? We believe using the new tools of precision agriculture is the best method to address the evolution of farm management. Our thoughts? Adaptation and adoption of evolving technology will continue to progress agriculture towards a more productive, more environmentally-sound future.

on Data Collection & Data Ownership

We believe that data belongs to you, our client. Not to a corporation or any other party. Just you. This is why we let you choose how to use the data that is collected from your fields. You make the final decisions on what to apply, who to use as your applicator and all other choices regarding your property.

Though the benefits of data can be ambiguous and difficult to initially see, the potential impact to your operation management is quite large. Many large organizations restrict how data is used when it is collected though their technology. We, however, stand by the belief that data collection should never be used to restrict farm choices and aid another company's profit margins.  The farm owner and operators should have the freedom to do business based on the quality of services and price and not be locked to another business's end-goal.


Data can come from multiple sources throughout your operation. It can be pulled from sensors in your field, from satellite imagery, from soil sampling, and many other places. We have partners that we work with to maximize the opportunity of having everything consolidated, but the final decision is always yours. 

Services We Provide

Who we work with

E4 Crop Intelligence

E4 Crop Intelligence is the industry’s first integrated precision ag support system. E4’s web-based platform is color blind to equipment and manages data from yield maps to farm budgets; soil sampling work orders to final soil sample results; crop plans to recommendation — just to name a few. The data is owned by you, the grower, and is securely stored on the cloud for easy access on any device with internet access. Data can easily be shared with any third-party you choose and you decide what information they have access to. As member of E4 dealer network, we feel privileged to share their platform with farmers looking to consolidate their data management.

Veris Technologies

Veris sensors are a great way to help understand the variability within your field's soil. These sensors produce an image depicting what is happening at a base level. This technology has been changing the way growers, consultants, suppliers and researchers approach production agriculture since 1996. Veris Technologies' sensors are a great fit into our precision ag philosophy — You need the have a solid source of data about your field to start the decision making process.


AgSense represents the revolution in using cellular & GPS technology to manage ag production. We work with their products to provide customers the tools to manage their irrigation through technology.

Farmers Business Network

Farmers Business Network strives to provide Independent and Unbiased benchmarking for your monitor data. Taking your seed variety, soil type, and location and comparing the yields to others to help determine the best seeds to provide the optimum return. We are excited to offer their platform to help you determine the right seed for the right place.


senseFly is our choice provider for UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems). This global company's ag platform create aerial images optimized to gather insights from above. Multiple sensor types are available; RGB and multiSPEC are continuously available while thermoMap is currently provided only an as-needed.

Other Resources

Natural Resources Conservation Service

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) maintains a website called the Web Soil Survey. We reference this website as it is an excellent source of soil information such as soil maps, soil texture, water holding capacity and organic matter (O.M.). 


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Precision ag is a tool to optimize both production and environmental sustainability.

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We provide a variety of options for data collection and analysis, including E4 Crop Intelligence and AgSense.

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