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See exactly what's happening in your fields, on time, with affordable and effective TerrAvion Aerial Imagery.

TerrAvion Aerial images are 80x higher resolution vs. Satellite Imagery and provide multiple bandwidths with no interference

TerrAvion Aerial Imagery is much more cost effective and real time vs. Drone Imagery

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Agriculture, in and of itself, is an industry with a substantial amount of different variables and risks. Farm operators often find their livelihoods not only at the mercy of the markets, but also on changing weather, soil and pest conditions within their own area of operation. The decisions you make to best mitigate the risk to your operation are based on the availability, viability and quality of information you have in your hands. As farm operators ourselves, Midplains Ag understands the critical importance of having access to affordable, high quality and on time information to best mitigate agricultural risk.

Therefore, Midplains Ag is proud to announce that we have partnered with TerrAvion, the market leader in aerial agricultural imagery, to provide you with affordable, high quality aerial imagery services for your agricultural operation. TerrAvion has provided (and continues to provide) affordable and effective agricultural imagery services for over 9 ½ billion acres of land with the vast majority of their clientele being repeat customers - year after year.

With TerrAvion aerial imagery having 80x better resolution than satellite imagery and being much more affordable and readily available when compared to drone imagery, the effectiveness, timeliness and cost savings of high quality aerial imagery cannot be surpassed. Additionally, with several bandwidths of collected information, TerrAvion allows different analysis to be conducted from the information provided; providing YOU with the best and most complete information for your operation.

Our partnership with TerrAvion, positions Midplains Ag to provide you with a viable, efficient and complete agricultural risk management services with one major difference to our competitors. The information provided by Midplains Ag is tailored specifically to our clientele and belongs to our clientele.

We assist our clients with evaluation of soil, topography and nutrient conditions to best inform and educate our clientele in regards to existing conditions within their operations and how to improve those conditions. Combined with historical and current conditions, our clientele are then able to more efficiently and effectively plan their planting, fertilizing, weed and pest control and irrigating operations (and adjust if necessary) for the coming growing season.

Our partnership with TerrAvion enables Midplains Ag to provide your operation with affordable, timely and high quality aerial imagery and field information most pertinent to your operation; enabling you to more quickly and effectively make important decisions to protect your bottom line.

At harvest, it is not only the realized yield per acre or market price which determine our clienteles' bottom line profit, but is also directly related to the cost (and efficiency) of input in order to realize that yield.

You, as a farm operator, make hundreds of decisions every week during the summer to protect your investment and operation. Allow us to partner with you by providing you with affordable, accurate, reliable and timely information to enable you to make your operation more efficient and profitable. 

Protect your investment and profit.

For more information on or TerrAvion Aerial Imagery, call us at 402-843-5342.

Check out TerrAvion's website for case studies.

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