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what is agresource?

AgResource was founded in 1987 and over the three last three decades has been helping producers manage risk and maximize revenue. Engagement with ag markets is key to finding success – as well as beating national average cash prices. We use global supply and demand analysis, as well as our contacts that span the globe, to identify significant price trends in corn, wheat and soybean markets. Marketing will have a more direct impact on your bottom line in the years ahead.

why we partner with them

They Do The Work So You Don't Have To

Markets are more international and are moving faster than ever. Let them monitor global supply, demand and price changes so you can focus simply on maximizing production. Through their array of products, they’ll tell you when and how many bushels to sell, as well as suggesting when multiple crop years should be hedged.


Whether it’s a call, text, or newsletter. Farm marketing advice is comprehensive and up-to-the-minute.

This Is All They Do

They have no brokerage or fund affiliations. Their only task to get market direction correct through fundamental research. It’s in their best interest to maximize revenue for US farmers.

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Each month, we sponsor a webinar to bring you the very best information.

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The AgResource Daily Newsletter features analysis of daily events, international grain markets, USDA data and weather, and also includes easy-to-understand farm marketing advice.

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Establishing a deeper partnership with producers allows AgResource to track specific basis trends, regional weather and yield forecasts. Consulting clients also benefit from ad-hoc research, such as regional crop supply and demand and whether hedging energy use makes economic sense.

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