2022 Crop Insurance Outlook

Agriculture has a certain rhythm with seasons coming and going in a predictable pattern. We till, we plant, we control weeds, and so on in a seasonal pattern. Politics gets meaner. Weeds get tougher to control. But, within that rhythm each year presents a unique set of issues. As we enter the third year of COVID, commodity prices are high, but many inputs including fertilizer and herbicides are hard to get and expensive. Help is hard to find. Managing these issues will be challenging this year and is key to a successful year. Fortunately, we work with great managers who are up to the challenge.


We’ve had some questions about PLC vs. ARC for 2022. For 2022, it doesn’t matter which one you pick as our current prices are much higher than the price that would trigger a payment. For the next year or two, PLC will probably be a better choice as the ARC price is still based on the low prices prior to this year. If we continue to have high prices for another year or two, ARC will become the better choice.


You have possibly heard about the PACE crop insurance endorsement. This endorsement is an added cause of loss for dryland farmers that split apply nitrogen and then cannot get the second application of nitrogen applied because of weather. If you would suffer a yield loss because the nitrogen could not be applied, you could receive an indemnity payment.

Hail & MPCI

We have gotten the hail and wind rates from RCIS. As anticipated, the rates have gone up slightly. On one township where we compared 2021 rates with 2022 rates, the rates have gone up about 4%.

At the time we are writing this letter, the December 2022 corn contract is trading at $5.80 with November beans at $13.80 and trending up. In 2011, the spring price for corn was $6.01 and the spring price for beans was $13.49. At current prices, most of our irrigated farmers could see coverage of $1050 or higher with an 80% RP policy.

Wondering what options are right for you? 

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