A week of Training

A Week of TRAINING January 16-20, 2017

The week was a very busy one.  Starting with the ice storm Monday which carried into Tuesday, made for a slippery start to the week. 

Wednesday January 18 - Precision Planting Winter Meeting

Up early for a 5:45 am departure headed for Lincoln. Followed by an uneventful ride, put us at Innovation Campus in Lincoln with just enough time for a roll and coffee before the show got started.  While it was simulcast form Tremont Ill, it was an insightful day full of the latest from Precision Planting.  While they have had an extensive line of seed placement products, the highlights were in nutrient management and on the go soil analysis while planting.  With nutrients being the second most expensive cost of production, it is good to see companies working on efficiency in that department. A very exciting conference in deed!

Friday January 20 - Certified Crop ADVISER Training

 Another early start but not as early as Wednesday, and once again headed to Lincoln. If I had known about the weather I would have left earlier.  FOG.  Heavy, heavy fog.   

I was the last one to arrive and barely on time.  The information was enlightening and I learned a lot. As much as I learned that day about plant nutrition, pest management and water management, I also learned that I have a lot to study for, as only about half the class typically passes the test.  The presenters were industry experts, and did a great job presenting the material.  

What was not so great though was the drive home.  More FOG. I had completely forgot about the fog until I stepped back outside.  I was hoping it would clear during the day, but it hadn’t.  Most of the drive wasn’t too bad.  I had the better part of a half to three quarters of a mile visibility.  As the sun started to set though visibility started to drop.  North of York, it was down to a quarter mile.  By the time I was 10 miles from home it was 3 dashes of the center line.  It was a good thing I had google maps open on the iPad so I knew where the intersections were or I would have missed the corner to my house.  We made it home in time for my sons one year birthday party and rounded out the day watching him open presents.

John and Birthday cupcakes

It was a short hectic week, but an exciting, insightful one as well.  I am one step closer to being a more rounded crop adviser.

by Ryan Hemenway

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