Acreage Reports 2023

As you are all wrapping up your planting season, we at Midplains Ag are getting excited & making plans for acreage reporting.  As always acreage reports need to be signed by July 15th.  We know that seems like a long time right now, but it does sneak up on us quickly. The sooner you get acres reported in, the sooner you can switch to thinking about harvest.  We plan to keep reaching out, but if you have questions please call or email us.

Acreage Reporting

To get your reports completed, we have a multitude of options for getting together.  Digital services via TEAMs and other video conferencing, in-person meeting we can come to the field or your farm, stop by the office. No internet & no time to stop? Not a problem, we are still happy to take your acres over the phone and mail the completed acreage report for your review and signature/date.  Or send form via DocuSign for your digital signature. Included with the letter is a blank copy of an acreage report for your information if you want to just fill out sign and return, please do so.

What we need for acreage reports

  • Name of field (This is what you call it for our reference)
  • Legal description (section, township, range)
  • Total acres planted
  • Irrigated vs non-irrigated
  • Native sod or new breaking and the year  
  • Plant date   
  • Shareholders
  • If you are aware of Farm number changes, please inform us

If you would prefer to go to the FSA office first, remember that FSA has already sent you maps encouraging you to have those completed prior to your FSA appointment.  Please be specific with your acres irrigated vs non-irrigated.  Please send us your 578’s as soon as FSA gives you that 2nd copy for agents.

Digital Signatures

All our AIP’s offer digital signature options if you are interested.  Call Tiffany or Donna, and we can walk you through this 5-minute process.  The portal for signing documents also allows you to view all your policy documents and claim documents as well as pay your bill.  We are happy to use these services so you have 24/7 access to your documents.  During our zoom visit, we are happy to walk you through the process and get you ready to receive your completed acreage document via the portal and see any additional information you are interested in.

We now offer DocuSign in our offices. We have found that a lot of you are familiar with this service and wanted to make signing documents faster for you.  If you want to sign your documents using this service, please let us know.  The portals offered by our AIP’s are awesome for retrieving documents but if you want to sign something we are finding that DocuSign is quick and secure.

Webinar Offerings

The blog section of is full of videos and information about Livestock insurance, Pasture range and forage, Sentinel Fertigation, wind, and hail insurance.  If you are looking for general information, go check it out.  If you have specific needs, please call the office.

We are here to serve you and look forward to doing so. We love talking about your policies, your farming practices, the weather, your families and what you want in an agent.  A referral is your greatest thank you.

Thanks for your business!

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