The Coronavirus Leads to Changes for 2020 Crop Insurance

These unprecedented times are leading to some farmer-friendly USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) decisions. In the wake of social distancing farmers, insurance agents, Approved Insurance Providers (AIP’s) and the RMA are having to learn how to use technology more. We already use a lot of technology we are just going to doing more with our farmers to make this process smooth. We're looking forward to making acreage reporting go as smoothly as possible by implementing some new strategies. Check back to our crop insurance page soon to see what we come up with. We hope that social distancing is lifted by May, but in the event that it isn’t, we will prepare for the long term and maybe make some changes that benefit us all.

There has been a 30 day extension granted for production reports due after March 15th. Nebraska corn and soybean production reporting date is usually 45 days after March 15 which is April 30. With the extension granted, if you have not already completed your production reports please do so soon but you now have till May 30th. It is our hope that this extension doesn’t change your normal practices but makes you less stressed in this crazy time.

For farmers with crop insurance bills due between March 1 and April 30th, interest has been deferred for 60 days and payment plans are being accepted to help through these new and unprecedented challenges. This doesn’t necessarily apply to Nebraska but it shows that RMA resources are available for all crops across the country. The purpose of crop insurance is to keep farmers farming.

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