Farm Equipment Past and Present

Midplains Ag has been contracted by UNL to do Veris mapping on some fields in the Bazile Triangle, an area with very high nitrates in the groundwater. This area is located in the Creighton and Osmond areas.

While scouting out the locations, I happened to see an old orange combine. It piqued my interest as it looked to be very similar to the first combine that I ran. Later, as I examined some pictures that I had taken I realized that this was a newer version of the combine that I ran. This combine has an auger in the throat that helps pull the straw into the cylinder. The machine that I ran had a canvas that ran the full width of the cut that pulled the straw and grain into the cylinder for thrashing. We used the combine for harvesting rye and vetch. It took several days to harvest the same amount of grain that a modern combine can harvest in one hour.

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