Flooded Grain Storage - What You Should Know

The 2019 March floods compromised approximately 850 grain storage structures across Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri, resulting in the loss of approximately $35 million to $40 million to farmers who were saving this grain to fund living, planting and operational expenses for the 2019 crop year.

As much of this grain was uninsured and with no provision with USDA disaster relief programs for flooded grain storage, this leaves impacted farmers with little to no options in regards to recovering loss from this years flooding.

While insurance and disaster relief programming covers loss of productivity and the clean-up of damaged fields, grain storage is largely not covered.

Charles Hurburgh and Dan Loy, Iowa State University Extension Specialists, discuss how to manage grain exposed to flooding in their recent article published on March 22, 2019.

UNL Cropwatch also published the same article, in an effort to educate affected farmers in how to mitigate and manage flooded grain storage facilities.



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