Glyphosate - Just EXACTLY where is the devil?

One of the determining factors in the rise and fall of a society happens to be within the education system and how people are being educated. Are they taught what to think, or are they being taught HOW to think.

If one studies the history of the rise and fall of societies, and the means by which certain regimes held onto power, one can logically reason that one of the short-term failed tactics by oppressive regimes to hold onto power (or consolidate power) has been to 'dumb down' their subjects. By short-term, I am refering to an unsustainable practice that will, at some point in time, turn on its head and be exposed.

Case in point.... Until the Guttenberg press was developed and started printing Bibles, en masse, in the 1600's, the general populace was largely dependent on priests, who were educated in how to speak Latin but largely dependent on following edicts from Rome, to provide the single relevant interpretation of how they should live. For hundreds of years, Europe endured the likes of the Inquisition, misled Crusades, dark ages and it was not until the Renaissance where the general population started to become educated, and to educate themselves that the begin seeds of the Industrial Revolution were planted.

Fast forward to today... One could arguably reason that today's society is being spoon-fed information through videos and short tid-bits of statements, often based on one person's interpretation of fact - or half fact. Which brings us to this blog topic of - Glyphosate...

Recent news has possibly enlightened you to the fact that judgement was produced against Monsanto-Bayer, to the tune of a very large sum of money, as a result of a court determining that glyphosate (the key ingredient to Round-Up) was the cause of two individuals contracting cancer.

HOWEVER, and no disrespect meant towards these two individuals, glyphosate was introduced in the 1960's and has been effectively used across the world, upon millions and millions of acres, without adverse health effects... So why is this becoming a problem now?

The following articles discuss the advent of misinformation that has led to the demonization of glyphosate, and may provide you with some enlightment in regards to the actual facts behind the chemical; a chemical which may be effective towards the treatment of cancer cells (not the cause).

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