How to Get the Most Value from Remotely Monitoring Water Pressure- Part 2

How to Get the Most Value from  Remotely Monitoring Water Pressure- Part 2

AgSense grants an unmatched peace of  mind about the state of your irrigation systems, but the benefit of using  this technology to also monitor water pressure is one that often gets  overlooked or underutilized. Installing a pressure transducer is an easy way  to enhance your remote irrigation management experience as it opens the door  for more comprehensive reporting and more refined control of your systems.  Read Part 1 of this blog for details on how to properly install the  transducer, configure the device, and set up email and text message alerts  for low/high pressure.

In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look  at some of the more advanced monitor and control options that a pressure  transducer can give. Let’s start with monitoring

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