Important Crop Insurance Reminders

As we continue (hopefully) to recover from the crazy year of 2020 and wrap up planting for 2021 we need to wrap up a few details for crop insurance. With the dramatically higher prices this year, the value of our crops is much higher, and you need to decide on how to protect these much higher values.

Any changes in your hail insurance policy should be done by June 1st. Changes can be made after this time, but choices will be more limited and wind insurance will probably not be available. Hail and wind insurance is expensive, but this year’s crop is very valuable. You need to protect profit levels that are very uncommon.

Getting acreage reports done as soon as possible after planting is done would be greatly appreciated. It is much less stressful for everyone when we are not fighting the July 15th deadline. It is also much more difficult and sometimes impossible to fix some issues after July 15th.

After a few years of fighting wet weather during planting, this year has been very different with cold dry conditions and planters surrounded by dust. Except for a couple of weeks in March the past year has been very dry. Hopefully, this will change before summer comes.

We know everyone is extremely busy so we will keep this letter short. Best wishes for the upcoming growing season.

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