Agro-Ecology - Lessons we can learn from our African counterparts

In his article, published by the Genetic Literacy Project on March 18, 2019, Nassib Mugwanya takes an in depth, but big picture, look into the advent and propogation of the ideals of agroecology and is applicability towards helping Africa's small subsistence farmers to achieve food sovereignty and greater profit.  His findings are quite truthful, eye opening, and may be shocking to the reader of his article. Furthermore, one could realistically go on to imagine what might result on American (and other) large farms should the concepts of agro-ecology be enacted into law and regulations.

Summarily, pure agro-ecology requires that farmers engage in a type of farming that focuses on the micro-ecology aspect of farming; where a complete ecosystem is propogated within only a few acres, or field. The result is a highly labor intensive type of agriculture which is much less efficient than the type of farming that is currently practiced on most of America's farmland.

One might ask what lessons we could learn from Africa's farmers; how beneficial are the pure ideals of agro-ecology to successful farming and to meeting tomorrow's worldwide demand for food security?

To view the complete article, please follow the link below.

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