Mitigating Flooded Fields with Cover Crops

As a result of the catastrophic flooding that hit eastern Nebraska during March 2019, many farmers face the task of deciding what to do about areas of their fields which have been compromised due to flooding or saturation.

The following articles provide farmers with remediation recommendations towards protecting and re-establishing soil structure within areas of their fields that have been compromised due to flooding.

The first article, published by Paul Jasa, a University of Nebraska extension specialist, on February 7, 2012, discusses the use of a 'cocktail mixture' of various cover crops to both protect soil from wind and water erosion, but also to develop a complex root planting structure to benefit top soil.

The second article, also by Paul Jasa, provides a little more information, with photographic examples.

The third article, published on March 25, 2019, by the University of Nebraska - Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, discusses the actual soil preparation after a flooding event (based on the 2011 Missouri River flooding). This gives farmers both guidelines and contact information for resources in regards to tillage practices, etc., needed to rebuild the soil structure prior to planting a cover crop.

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