New RMA Program Provides $5 Discount Per Acre

In true RMA fashion, another new program has been released. The Pandemic Cover Crop Program (PCCP) will provide a $5 per acre discount on your spring crop insurance premium for cover crops planted for the 2021 crop year. Producers will need to certify your cover crops by June 15th with FSA, this is the standard certification date so be sure to talk with your local FSA office and get them certified.

This is an automatic program, meaning there are no additional steps to take to sign up. As long as your acres are certified, they will follow the CLU to their spring crop policy. The AIPs will then offer a discount on your premium. These policies are literally being created as we speak and hopefully will be implemented without too many ‘bumps in the road’. We will keep you updated as information becomes available. Check out for more information.

Your spring crops (corn & soybeans) need to be certified by July 15th so your local FSA office is your first stop followed by your crop insurance agent. The sooner you get your acreage reports submitted and signed the sooner you can forget about the paperwork and focus on your crops.

Important Dates  

  • Certify cover crops at FSA by June 15th  
  • Certify spring crops at FSA by July 15th
  • Sign Acreage reports for Crop insurance by July 15th

For more information visit:  

Pandemic Cover Crop Program (PCCP) FAQ |  

USDA Pandemic Assistance for Producers |  

Producers with Crop Insurance to Receive Premium Benefit for Cover Crops | RMA (  

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