Protect Yourself Against Losses Due To Lower Than Average Rainfall With A PRF (Pasture, Range, Forage) Insurance Policy

I still vividly remember driving into Niobrara on March 26th, 2019. As I drove down the Verdigre Creek Valley and approached the Hwy 14 and Hwy 12 intersection, hundreds of acres in the Niobrara Valley were covered with thousands of giant blocks of ice.

Later that summer I had the opportunity to fly over the Sandhills going south from Valentine to Thedford. It seemed like half of the area was covered with water. That fall, we visited with a lady from Rose who told us that they had received 74 inches of rain since April. The Sandhills was experiencing one of the wettest years on record.

This year the story is completely different, with much of the state experiencing one of the driest years on record as shown on the drought monitor map from September 15th. After experiencing several wetter than normal years, are we going to experience several dry years?

Dry years can mean difficult decisions due to low forage. Do you have the cash to pay for extra feed or will you have to sell livestock? With PRF insurance, you may not have to do either.

PRF is an insurance policy offered by the RMA (Risk Management Agency) that is designed to help ranchers with cashflow issues when rainfall is less than the coverage level (up to 90% of normal) in any selected two-month period. Because it's subsidized by the federal government, it will also over a period of years pay you back more than the premiums that you pay.

Midplains Ag is an insurance agency run out of a farm office southwest of Elgin on the edge of the Sandhills. Our families have decades of experience farming and raising livestock in Nebraska. We also appreciate the deep commitment that Nebraska ranchers have towards the care of their cattle and the environment of the Sandhills.

We’d like to extend an invitation to chat with you and take a look at your area’s historical rainfall and payout history to see if this product would make sense for you or not.

There is a deadline of November 15th to sign up for this product. We’re giving away a $10 Subway gift card to those who schedule before October 30th.

You can call us at 402-843-5342 to schedule. We’re focused on finding the best solutions for YOU, because we’re farmers too and we know what it’s like to be in your boots.

We understand that a strong risk management plan is crucial to a profitable operation and protecting your bottom line.

Again, if you’d like to set up a quick conversation to see your area’s historical rainfall and payout history, call us at 402-843-5342.

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