Report 2019 Production

After a crazy spring and interesting summer (this year, we had more prevent plant claims and fewer hail claims than any other year since we started to sell crop insurance), it’s time to report 2019 production, settle any production claims still open and open any potential revenue claim. Revenue claims need to be opened by December 10th.If you have had any issues with adjusters or any other crop insurance related issues, please bring them to our attention.

 Fill in production for each field in the area marked in yellow. There is a line for each unit of production if your irrigated acres are separate from non-irrigated they will have thier own lines.

CRS production report example

ARMtech RPLE report example

Compare that production to the loss trigger amount that is on the form to decide whether you have a potential loss. If you are anywhere close to a loss, file a claim to have an adjuster work the claim. After signing the form in the appropriate spot, you will have completed the production report for the 2019 crop. Please return form to your agent as soon as possible to complete the 2019 insurance season and begin the 2020.


As with last year’s forms, we will be needing you to tell us (as required by RMA) how you came up with your production figures. The categories are as follows:

           A – Harvested Production:sold/commercial storage.

           B – Harvested Production:  farm stored/measured by insured.

           C – Harvested Production: pick/daily sales records.

           D – Harvested Production:  farm stored/measured by insured.

            E – Harvested Production: automated yield monitoring system.

           F – Harvested Production:  farm stored/measured by authorized representative.

            G – Harvested Production: field harvest records.

           H – Harvested Production:  other.

This is the record type that needs to be placed beside your total production.

To go along with your production the fall harvest price for corn came in at $3.90. That was the average of December board of trade in October of 2019. That is only 10 cents lower than the spring price of $4.00. The fall harvest price for soybeans is $9.25, the spring price was $9.54. That being said there are not going to be many revenue losses but we are prepared to help you if there are production losses do to the 2019 weather.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call 402-843-5342.  


Edited the claims due date from 12-15-19 to 12-10-19.

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