TerrAvion + Farm Dog - Accessing Your Imagery and Scouting Data via the Smartphone

                           TerrAvion + Farm Dog

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Adding functionality to the high-quality image data TerrAvion provides, compares to adding whipped cream on top our your favorite pie; it makes it only better. The integration of TerrAvion high-resolution imagery in the Farm Dog mobile scouting app gives agronomists a way to effortlessly view your TerrAvion data layers on your phone or tablet while you are in the field scouting. Detecting whether there are problem areas on acres that need inspecting from your office and focusing on those areas only is a tremendous time-saver. Once you start scouting, Farm Dog provides a simple way to record field observations and share your findings with team members. Farm Dog lets you customize your data the way it works best for you and shows easy-to-select growth stage and pest names to match your local situation.

"Farm Dog’s unique and award-winning platform with its straightforward way to record field data such as pest type and severity level offers tremendous convenience for our customers," says Amariah Fuller, Chief Product Officer at TerrAvion, "helping them in the field adding notes easily to the issues they detected with TerrAvion imagery in their office. Moreover, Farm Dog's mission to help growers reduce pesticide use, protect yields, and to be good environmental stewards aligns closely with TerrAvion's vision on supporting agriculture sustainability."

"TerrAvion aerial imagery integration has been requested by Farm Dog users across the US due to its recognized brand and proven value among growers and agronomists.  It is a testament to TerrAvion's powerful, continuously growing imagery dataset how much time our users will be able to save with this integration," says Liron Brish, CEO of Farm Dog.  "Growers need to be able to quickly and easily know where to look for pest and diseases in their fields. With the aid of TerrAvion's data, they can go directly to problem spots, note what is going on, and make an informed treatment decision quickly and effectively.  We are excited that by working together, Farm Dog and TerrAvion are able to provide actionable insights to growers."

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One of the advantages of TerrAvion subscription aerial imagery is the frequency, which makes sure that you have data around the key events in your fields. The timing and frequency of the data allow an excellent alignment to learn whether certain inputs are needed. Farm Dog’s field scouting platform enables users to:

  • Easily record field data such as pest type, severity level, photographs, and geo-markers;
  • Send field notes to other stakeholders directly and automatically from the field;
  • Review field history and field treatment efficacy to arrive at improved treatment decisions.

The TerrAvion OverView platform then enables to make, for example, variable-rate zoning maps to effectively treat those areas with what you noted in the Farm Dog app.

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