Wayne Woldt of UNL to demonstrate VTOL dones

Fire Fly 6 VTOL UAS

Midplains Ag and UNL Extension are happy to announce our first demonstration for Irrigation Field Day August 30, 2017.  

Wayne Woldt is an Extension Specialist at the University of Nebraska, in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering and the School of Natural Resources. He has been at UNL for 26 years, and has developed a research and extension program on the application of unmanned aircraft systems in agriculture. General areas of interest include: application of unmanned aircraft for a broad array of production agriculture purposes. Specific areas of research and education include: development of active UAS sensing technologies for early detection of crop moisture stress, deployment and flight operations of unmanned aircraft systems, performance of autonomous navigation systems, sensor system development, sensor integration, and information management.  

Wayne has been flying unmanned aircraft for the past 5 years, and obtained the first FAA issued Certificate of Authorization to fly unmanned aircraft in Nebraska.  He has private pilot, remote pilot, glider pilot, and hot air balloon pilot certificates, and over 650 hours of total flight time.  

Wayne will be delivering a program on his research activities, and will be demonstrating (weather permitting) a new generation VTOL unmanned aircraft that is able to take-off and land in a vertical flight mode, and fly the mission with a fixed-wing flight profile.

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