Precision Ag

How We analyze Data

The data we have gathered is what is known as 'raw data'. Alone and messy it serves little purpose. However, once we import and clean it we can begin to find various correlations and year-after-year comparisons can be made. 
These comparisons and correlations fall into several key categories.

Soil Analytics

Plant Nutrition

Beginning with the soil samples previously taken, we start building a plan for the years' growth. Tissue samples, sap samples, stalk samples and soil health tests gathered over time will be used to build the complete picture.

Image Analytics


We are working with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to evaluate different methods of irrigation management. We have teamed to research the benefits of different moisture probe technologies, sensors, models and imagery.

Plant health analytics


There are many types of imagery and ways to analyze imagery and NDVI is only a start. We have the software and knowledge to take your imagery and turn it into more than just a pretty picture.

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Analyzing what affects your yields and how your practices compare to others and your historical self can be highly beneficial for understanding how to modify your plans.

Plant health analytics


Integrating precision ag techniques into your business management structure will allow you to take your precision ag technology to a whole new level.

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Understanding the environment and using that knowledge to  help create a sustainable future. 

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input Management

There is a lot to be said about putting the right amount in the right place at the right time. Let your soil sampling and yeild data guide your decisions.

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Data collection

The data that has been collected needs to be analyzed for spatial variability. 

How we collect data

The Evolving crop Plan

Planning with data, business values, and market outlook in mind. 

How we help you plan

Yearly Review

Taking a look back and understanding opportunities for improvement.

How we help you review