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How We Collect Data

Precision Agriculture revolves around data – specifically georeferenced data. The quality and quantity of this type of data is rapidly improving, which is great for an analyst. Less great for someone whose mind needs to focus on taking care of their business. We have taken the time to look at the available data, how to collect that data, how to analyze that data and how to put that data to work as well as teaming with several businesses to provide the products and technology needed to collect and process that data. 

In integrating our own fields into this system, we have been able to categorize the types of data we would need to help other operators and managers down the path of understanding and utilizing what lies at their finger tips. 

Data Collection | Soils Data | Midplains Ag

Soils Data

Ultimately soil, topography, climate and markets determine what cropping options you can choose from. Soil testing identifies the nutrients offered to the crop or plants. Georeferenced soil data is a critical step in developing an understanding of your farms capabilities and limitations.

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Plant Data

Plant analysis is the second tool critical to improving crop nutrition and yield. Only plant analysis can identify a plant's actual nutrient status. It identifies how well the plants utilized the soil and applied nutrients and allows the crop or plant to tell us what nutrients it needs to thrive.

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With digital imagery, we are working with electromagnetic radiation such as visible light, near infrared radiation or thermal radiation. As this radiation is reflected from or passes through objects it picks up information. By using different types of sensors to measure this radiation, we can create images that can be analyzed.

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Personal Observations

Personal observations can be a good source of data – especially if it is georeferenced and stored in a database where it can be accessed when needed. Examples are georeferenced scouting information and pictures.

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Application Data

Sprayers, planters and many types of equipment have the ability make “application maps” or “as applied maps” of inputs they are applying. This information can be very useful as various types of data analysis are made.

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Yield Data

Most farmers are familiar with “yield maps” that are made from data collected on combines and other harvesting equipment. This data can be used for more than just making maps. Many types of analysis can be done if this data is properly collected and stored.

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Weather Reports

We have the ability to gather field-specific weather data straight from Agrible's The Rooster every morning at 5AM on the Morning Farm Report. 

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Equipment Details

Different pieces of equipment have differing capabilities when collection and using precision ag. A good understand of your current equipment and where you plan to go is necessary to put together a good precision ag program.

Data Collection | Financial Records | Midplains Ag

Limited Financial Records

Collecting your average whole farm cost and your projected sales can provide a baseline for field level profit analysis. Just knowing how much you have in input costs and putting all of your sales contracts together provides a bigger picture. 

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4 Step Process of Precision Ag | Midplains Ag

Data Analysis

Analyzing the collected data for correlations and spatial variability.

How we analyze data
4 Step Process of Precision Ag | Midplains Ag

The Evolving Crop plan

Planning with data, business values, and market outlook in mind. 

How we help you plan
4 Step Process of Precision Ag | Midplains Ag

Yearly Review

Taking a look back and understanding opportunities for improvement.

How we help you review

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Precision Ag

Precision ag is a tool to optimize both production and environmental sustainability.

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Products & Services

We provide a variety of options for data collection and analysis, including E4 Crop Intelligence and AgSense.

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Crop Insurance

We work as an ARMtech and ADM agency to get you the best crop insurance options.

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