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Decision Making and the Evolving Crop Plan

You collect the data in the field: soil samples (fertility), imagery (growing season data), and yield data (harvest information). We analyze it for you and provide reports. What do you do with the reports? Ultimately we want you to take the reports and make changes to your operation. It would be really odd if you had achieved all optimum results right out the gate. Sure, every year is different and we can’t predict exactly what the future will bring but by knowing what happened and comparing year after year you can create more sound decisions.

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Crop Plan

Taking the time to plan out your years cropping activities during the winter months will increase your profitability.

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Seed Plan

Lowering seed rates in poorer producing areas and increasing seeding rates in high producing areas can become very profitable when scaled.

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Nutrition Plan

Fertilizer Management Zones and Prescriptions can be created using Yield Maps, Veris Maps, Imagery and other sources. There are several methods to check how these plans are working.

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Irrigation Plan

Check out our selection of soil moisture probes. We are working with UNL to evaluate different methods of scheduling irrigation.

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Pesticide Plan

Weeds and insects are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides.  Take the time during the slow months to make a written pesticide plan.

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Tillage Plan

How you till the soil has a big impact on both profitability and your soils health. We can help design programs to measure this impact.

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Budgeting & Financing

Use your crop plan to create a budget, E4 Crop Intelligence is designed to combine Precision Ag, Crop Planning with the budgeting process.

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Marketing Plan

Every year you keep your eyes on the markets to decide how much and when to sell. A growing list of tools are available for this. Let us help you choose the right one for you.

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Putting Plans Into Action

Communicationg your crop plans with suppliers and the people who put those plans into action is critical.  E4 Crop Intelligence is designed to help accomplish this.

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Data collection

The data that has been collected needs to be analyzed for spatial variability. 

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Data Analysis

The data that has been collected needs to be analyzed for spatial variability.

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Yearly REview

From management zones to more complex tracking systems. We'll help.

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