Precision Ag

Reviewing the Changes and results

You collect the data in the field: soil samples (fertility), imagery (growing season data), and yield data (harvest information). We analyze it for you and provide reports. What do you do with the reports? Ultimately we want you to take the reports and make changes to your operation. It would be really odd if you had achieved all optimum results right out the gate. Sure, every year is different and we can’t predict exactly what the future will bring but by knowing what happened and comparing year after year you can create more sound decisions.


Farmers Business Network provides a great tool for comparing your yeilds to others around you.  We can help you get set up and upload your data.

Looking at the Real Year

You can do this or let us help.  Take your yield data and compare it to your planting data to see how your varieties performed.

Take the next step

Call us at 402.843.5342 or send us a message with any questions you might have regarding our process or if you want to start implementing this system into your operation. Or you can learn more on the About Us page or go to our Products & Services section to see what we have to offer.

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