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Farming Is a Feedback Loop

Over the course of the year, a farm manager or operator must be constantly informed about what is happening in their fields. The information that they receive constantly impacts the decisions they must make. It's a real-life chess game. Except it is with Mother Nature and the game doesn't end. 

This feedback loop is also true of taking full advantage of precision ag techniques. New data is constantly arising and adjustments are then made throughout the year. This means, you (the grower), are constantly in one or more of four phases: collecting data; analyzing that data; making decisions based on the data results; and reviewing how your decision impacted the results. Data you gather about your soil can impact your Nutrition Plan and Irrigation Management. Imagery can impact your Nutrition Plan and Seed Plan. 

Everything is intertwined. This is why we want to help.

The loop Starts with Data Collection

The amount of data that can be collected is overwhelming. Soil and topographic data, high resolution soil variability, plant tissue, sap sampling, digital imaging of various types, satellite data, tillage maps. The list goes on and is ever-growing.

We take on the task of helping you sort through what you do and don't need to make your operation more successful. Without becoming overwhelmed.

The farm manager's question is – "What data do we need to collect and how do we put that data to work to better manage our operations?" We believe that the farm managers that successfully answer that question will survive and thrive.

How we collect data

We are constantly Analyzing that data

Once we have the initial sets of data collected, we will take that information and consolidate it for analysis. We use everything from SMS Advanced and E4 Crop Intelligence to the Farm Business Network and Postflight Terra 3D for analyzing this information and finding insights for your operation. 

After the initial discoveries, every day we will have a new set of information based off of weather, any applications, your seeding rates...almost anything you can think of!

How we analyze data

Decision Making And The Evolving Crop Plan

Anybody who works in the field knows that there is a plan, and then there is what actually happens. We will work with you to either create your crop plan in the off-season (or you can give the data to anyone of your choosing) and then continue to modify that plan as the year unfolds. Ultimately, our goal is to have every decision made based not only on the results of the data analysis but also in terms of your business values, market outlook and your environmental impact.

How we help you decide
4 Steps of Precision Ag | Midplains Ag

Reviewing it All

At the end of the season, we take a look at everything we had planned and all that actually happened and start to plan for the next year. With all of the information we have gathered about your fields, we can now make adjustments and fine-tune your future goals.

How we help you review

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Precision Ag | Midplains Ag

Precision Ag

Precision ag is a tool to optimize both production and environmental sustainability.

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Products & Services

We provide a variety of options for data collection and analysis, including E4 Crop Intelligence and AgSense.

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Crop Insurance

We work as an ARMtech and ADM agency to get you the best crop insurance options.

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