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Farming Is a Feedback Loop

Over the course of a typical year, each farm manager or operator must remain constantly aware of what is happening within their fields. Weather, insects, weeds, disease and other natural (or man made) variables have a direct impact on developing and executing both the current and future years operation planning. The process of observing and gathering information is an ongoing cycle with very real and very significant impacts to the success or failure of the operation, depending on how each farm manager or operator utilizes that information to make proper decisions. Therefore, the timing and quality of the information gathered is incredibly important; sometimes overwhelming each farmer with a long list of factors that can pull in different directions. The results of the current year, in terms of cost inputs, revenues, crop and market performance provide a type of feedback loop where this year's results impact next years decisions.

Since we are farmers ourselves, we understand the variables and complexities within the farming industry. We also recognize that the development and evolution of precision ag and risk management services have drastically improved the efficiency and productivity of the average U.S. farm. Precision Ag can essentially be defined as the current and next step within the agricultural industry and is absolutely necessary towards ensuring the viability of both our farming operations and our environment. The benefit of today's precision ag, is that the feedback loop (as described above) can now be shortened to a matter of weeks or days, instead of years or months. You can now see what is taking place in your fields and crops in real time, rather than waiting for the result at the end of the year. With a much quicker feedback cycle time, you are now able to make on the spot proactive decisions to increase yield, decrease input costs, and prevent most problems from significantly negatively impacting your operation. This means, you (the grower), are constantly kept aware and empowered to make the best decisions for your operation.

With all of this information available to you, it can be a bit overwhelming or confusing; which is why it is our mission to partner with you, to help clarify and empower you to make the best farming decisions possible.

The loop Starts with Data Collection

The amount of data that can be collected can be confusing or overwhelming. Soil and topographic data, high resolution soil variability, plant tissue, sap sampling, digital imaging of various types, satellite data, tillage maps are only a few examples of what is now available to us. The list goes on and is ever-growing, leading to a scenario where it may be difficult to discern what information the farmer actually needs, or doesn't need.

We take on the task of helping you sort through what you do and don't need to make your operation more successful - without being overwhelmed.

The farm manager's question is – "What data do we need to collect and how do we put that data to work to better manage our operations?" We are convinced that farm managers who successfully answer this question, plan well, and efficiently and effectively
implement their plan, will survive and thrive.

How we collect data

We are constantly Analyzing that data

Once we have the initial sets of data collected, we consolidate and analyze that information. We use everything from SMS Advanced, E4 Crop Intelligence to the Farm Business Network and Postflight Terra 3D for analyzing this information and finding insights for your operation. 

Each day we are able to offer you a new set of information based on weather, any applications, your seeding rates...almost anything you can think of!

How we analyze data

Decision Making And The Evolving Crop Plan

Anybody who manages a business, including farmers, knows that there is a conceptual (or strategic) plan, and then there is reality. This results in the need for contingency planning, which includes brainstorming and asking ourselves what could go wrong and how to best manage that risk. MidPlains Ag will partner with you to assist you with developing your crop plan in the off-season and then continue to assist you with modifying that plan as the year unfolds. Ultimately, our goal is to empower you to make every decision based on quality and timely data, and in terms of your business values, market outlook and your environmental impact.

How we help you decide
4 Steps of Precision Ag | Midplains Ag

Reviewing it All

It is not only our endeavor to partner with you to make the best decisions for here and now, but also for the future. We are constantly evaluating our own planning, execution and results in order to improve how we can best partner and serve your operation. Precision Ag is our tool towards best facilitating and accomplishing that endeavor; with the greatest benefactor being you. We provide the service, you keep the results.

How we help you review

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Precision Ag | Midplains Ag

Precision Ag

Precision ag is a tool to optimize both production and environmental sustainability.

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Products & Services

We provide a variety of options for data collection and analysis, including E4 Crop Intelligence and AgSense.

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We work as an ARMtech and ADM agency to get you the best crop insurance options.

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