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Free AgResource Webinar with Ben Buckner

US Yield Probabilities and the Global Demand Landscape

In this livestream:
• AgResource will present the most likely scenarios for US corn and soybean yields.
• And most importantly, how will the US’s surplus fit into the global marketplace?

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Our mission is to provide you with the best value precision ag and risk management services to protect and enhance your operation's bottom line.

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"The Long Term Impact of Oversupply"

Ben Buckner discussed many points that will continue to push commodity prices down.  The main being that supply is higher than demand for corn and soybeans right now.  Without a weather issue becoming very unfortunate for farmers in the Northern or Southern hemisphere it is really hard to be bullish right now.  Especially since growing corn & soybeans in South America is so much more profitable than in North America.

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September 30th
The deadline to update your yields for PLC.
We can help you put together the information to do this.

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The Long Term Impact of Oversupply

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We are a team of experienced farm operators and managers, with expertise in precision ag and risk management services and over 100 years of experience. Our mission is to provide best value precision ag and risk management information and services to our clientele; empowering them to make, and implement, the best decisions possible to protect and enhance their farming operation.

Our mission is to provide farm operators and managers the freedom to choose precision ag and risk management products and services based on best value to our clientele — not on who controls their data.

With more products, services and information available to the average farm owner / operator than at any other time in history, it can be a challenge to understand which information and services are most applicable and of best value to your farming operation. MidPlains Ag does the research for you by matching the latest, and best value, precision ag and risk management services available to the needs of your operation. We strive to empower you, our neighbor and fellow farmer, to make the best long term, cost effective and efficient decisions to protect your operation's bottom line and future. Let us sit down with you to understand your operation, your concerns and learn how we can partner with you to protect, and enhance, your bottom line and investment.

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